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Why should I do business in the Middle East and North Africa?

There are lots of reasons. The MENA markets are growing very rapidly, the economies of the MENA are expanding and so are the populations of MENA. In fact, this is the region of the world which is growing faster than any other apart from Africa. GDP per capita is higher than India and higher than China and household consumption makes up a higher percentage of GDP in the MENA markets than it does in China or India. So, what that means is that on average populations in the MENA earn more than India and China and they also spend more of what they earn. But I think it is also important to mention that because so many of the MENA markets are based on hydrocarbons, the other sectors of their economies are weak and that means that there are plenty of opportunities for Australian firms to export their goods and services into those markets.

About Cynthia Dearin

Cynthia Dearin is an international business expert, business author and keynote speaker on the topic of leadership. She owns Dearin & Associates, an international business consulting firm specialising in fast-growing emerging markets, which provides companies with the commercial intelligence and strategies, cultural skills and trusted contacts that they need to succeed in new countries.

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