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Cynthia Dearin interviews Chris Simpson on expanding to New Zealand

Cynthia Dearin interviews Chris Simpson on expanding to New Zealand


International Business Accelerator Director, Cynthia Dearin and New Zealand market entry expert, Chris Simpson talk about opportunities in New Zealand and how to access them.

Chris Simpson is a corporate strategy consultant based in New Zealand who helps businesses enter the New Zealand market by navigating them through legislations and regulations. In this video, Chris firstly gives a quick snapshot of how the New Zealand economy looks like today.

With nearly 5 million new Zealanders, the actual NZ economy is around the $260 billion maxis, making it the 55th largest economy in the world. The annual growth is around 4%, especially the last eight years have been upgoing for the NZ economy. Inflation is really low (around 0.4%) and has been so consistently for about a decade. Likewise, unemployment is low (around 4.9%). It is therefore indeed a very strong economy.

Chris points out the opportunities for especially construction companies to expand into the New Zealand market. Not only due to earthquakes, like Christchurch which is still under ongoing construction, but also because of properties which are an eighth of the NZ GDP.  Moreover, the government is going to invest about $34 billion out of the $260 billion over the next four years on specific projects within construction and infrastructure.

Chris advises construction companies coming from outside New Zealand and looking to enter the New Zealand market, to work with appropriate agents such as New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (an organization helping with investment and funding). Austrade is also heavily involved in the commercial market in Auckland and also very much across the construction and building industry. Another one is the New Zealand Property Council similar to Australia Property Council. There are therefore a wide variety of organisations across both the government and private sector level which will help de-risk your investment in New Zealand.

The last advice that Chris gives is on foreign companies working with New Zealanders: New Zealanders are people who will tell you how things are, there is no hidden agenda, they are easy to do business with and a lot of fun too!

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