The answer is most of them, but there are three in particular that I am going to talk about today. These are infrastructure, education and healthcare. The reason that there is a market in all these sectors is because the Middle Eastern markets suffer from something that is known as ‘institutional voids’. That means gaps in the physical or human infrastructure inside a market. The Middle East populations are growing rapidly and the Middle Eastern governments have not yet had the opportunity to catch up in a way that allows them to provide for those populations. So, the first sector is infrastructure. As a result of booming populations, the Middle East needs every kind of infrastructure that you can think of, more or less. This includes: airports, roads, railway systems, water and public health facilities, which leads us to the next sector, healthcare. Again, because of that growing population, there is a great need for new hospitals and for service providers to provide the various healthcare solutions that sit as part of the healthcare system. And lastly, because of the population explosion, there is a great need for upgraded educational facilities in most markets across the region.


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