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Business Beyond Borders

Cynthia started the Business Beyond Borders podcast to unlock the secrets of making your small business an international success.
Dearin & Associates is an international business consulting company that helps clients to access opportunities in fast-growing international markets.
We are passionate about helping our clients expand internationally, because we recognise that there’s never been a better time to “go global”. International trade is at an all-time high and goods, services and information can move around the globe more rapidly than ever before.
We know that companies that do business internationally have a bigger global impact, innovate more, make more money and are better places to work. We also believe that the world is a better place when people everywhere have access to the best products and services available.
Our special focus is to speed up and de-risk the international expansion process for micro-to-medium sized companies and to help them get their products and services to the world.

  In today’s highly globalised world, businesses are increasingly exposed to working with people from different cultures, whether they be colleagues, customers, clients or suppliers. Understanding cultural differences and being able to communicate effectively across borders has a significant impact on your company’s prospects for international success.   [espro-slider id=4340]   Dearin & Associates hosted a breakfast panel in partnership with Ashurst, featuring our team of cross-cultural experts who shared their experiences working with cross-border teams in emerging markets, including:
  • Cynthia Dearin, Moderator and Middle East and North Africa Expert
  • David Collins, China Consultant
  • Barnaby Caddy, Indonesia Consultant
  • Pouyan Afshar, Iran Consultant
  • Michael Lee, South East Asia Consultant

Click here to read about Cynthia and here to read more about our other consultants.



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