Magic Marketing

how to make sure your message sticks… in any country!

COVID-19 has created huge disruption in some industries
and opened up massive opportunities in others.

For many companies, there’s never been a better time to ‘go global’ … but how do you get your message across in a new country?

Most business owners assume that they can just “copy, paste” their domestic marketing strategy and get the same great results overseas.

That’s not how it works!

To get your message across and make sales in a new market, you need to understand the cultural context, use the right channels and do enough marketing to get traction. 

Join me on 12 and 13 August 10am to 2pm (AEST) to find out how to:

Understand the cultural context of a new country

Choose marketing channels that work overseas

Reverse engineer your marketing strategy for real results

By the end of the masterclass you’ll come away with the steps to design an international marketing strategy that fills your sales funnel.

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