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Geraldine Doogue Interviews Cynthia Dearin on Saturday Extra

Geraldine Doogue Interviews Cynthia Dearin on Saturday Extra

With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to Cynthia Dearin about her new book Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires.

Tune in at 7.30am tomorrow Saturday 11 April on 576AM to hear Cynthia share her experiences in connecting Australian businesses with partners and prospects in countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

Geraldine Doogue spins her interview magic in drawing out the dimensions of Cynthia’s business knowhow and cross-cultural experiences, from her first ventures into the Middle East as a full-time Arabic language student at the American University in Cairo with DFAT, and then on to commercial work in Iraq during the war, CEO of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and the establishment of Dearin & Associates.

“I really enjoy talking to Geraldine because she has the ability to draw out aspects of the topic that are not immediately obvious and because she is very easy to talk to,” says Cynthia.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to the recording on the ABC website now

You can download a chapter of Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires for free now.


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