Is your company ready for international success?

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Companies that can answer 'yes' to these questions have a much higher chance of going on to be internationally successful.

Strategy Test Questions

Is our company ready to enter a new market? Do we have the skills, expertise and funding to do so?

Are we confident that we have chosen the right country?

Are we sure that our product or service is right for the target market?

Do we really understand what customers in the market want, and why?

Are we equipped to deal with the cultural nuances of the target market?

How does the regulatory framework of the target market affect our business?

Do we have a cohesive strategy for the market entry?

There is more to international business success than just launching your goods and services in a new market. Forging ahead without planning and research often leads to financial stress and commercial failure… not to mention many sleepless nights.

To succeed in a new market, you need to be confident that you have addressed the seven key areas that determine whether your company will sink or swim in international waters.

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