Tim Hughes, Founder of Digital Leadership Associates

Tim Hughes Episode 26

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Hughes, Founder of Digital Leadership Associates.

In a previous life, Tim was a corporate star who was responsible for adding $100 million value to…

Why goal-setting doesn’t work!

Why goal setting doesn't work EP 25

It’s that time of year where people get excited about making resolutions and have high hopes for the year to come.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realise their dreams, because they set their goals and go on with business as usual, without…

Girls on top: Women-led SME’s taking on the world – #1

My team and I run the International Business Accelerator, a structured end-to-end teaching and coaching program to help micro-to-medium sized companies build and implement winning strategies for launching their business internationally. This March, we’re excited to be launching the #GirlsGoingGlobal campaign, to coincide with International Women’s Day. As part of this initiative, we’re showcasing a […]

Does Your International Marketing Strategy Suck? Here’s Why…

This week at the International Business Accelerator, we talked about international marketing and why so many companies get it wrong. Here are four of the mistakes that I see people making all time when it come to international marketing. 1. They fall into the #1 trap of international marketing The number one trap of international […]