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Ghenwa Masri

Ghenwa Masri

Lebanese American University


I was lucky to be given the opportunity to work for Dearin & Associates, and was overwhelmed that a company based in Sydney could have so much knowledge about the Middle East, its people, its culture and how they did business. Not only did I manage to enhance my skills, I was also lucky enough to work with a great team whom I constantly learned from. There was a spirit of constructive competition.

About Evgeny Kulikov

Evgeny is a management and marketing professional who has recently joined Dearin & Associates as a Marketing Analyst. He has worked across a range of projects, including the 2015 Australian Arab Business Forum and the Doing Business in the Middle East webinar series. He is also assisting Dearin & Associates in developing a suite of consulting products.
Evgeny holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance from the Dagestan State University (DGU) and a Bachelor degree in International Management from Engecon, a major Saint Petersburg university. He is currently completing a Masters of Business in Management at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

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