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James Cotterell

James Cotterell

University of Technology Sydney


An internship with Dearin & Associates is an invaluable opportunity to gain unique and practical experience in the fields of international business and management consultancy. Throughout your placement, Cynthia will offer her precious guidance, insights and advice; and you will thoroughly enjoy her tutelage. Cynthia and Jemima are easily approachable and fun to work with.

About Evgeny Kulikov

Evgeny is a management and marketing professional who has recently joined Dearin & Associates as a Marketing Analyst. He has worked across a range of projects, including the 2015 Australian Arab Business Forum and the Doing Business in the Middle East webinar series. He is also assisting Dearin & Associates in developing a suite of consulting products.
Evgeny holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance from the Dagestan State University (DGU) and a Bachelor degree in International Management from Engecon, a major Saint Petersburg university. He is currently completing a Masters of Business in Management at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

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