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Doing Business in India: Tapping the potential of Asia’s Next Powerhouse


Entering any market without a clear strategy is risky business. In a market like India, where businesses must navigate geographically dispersed markets, the complexities of India’s diverse and largely traditional cultures as well as the challenges of a spaghetti-bowl of local regulation, a depth of cultural and commercial intelligence is absolutely essential.


Dearin & Associates’ introductory webinar, Doing Business in India: Tapping the Potential of Asia’s Next Powerhouse, is your first step to engaging with the Indian market as it accelerates its pursuit of major economic power status. Outpacing China’s growth in 2015, and with a national government in the process of reforming India’s bureaucracy, now is the ideal time for Australian businesses to be looking to capitalise on the opportunities this massive consumer market offers.


Equipped with the right knowledge, your business can benefit from the unequalled opportunity in India. Drawing on rich experience and a diverse network across the Indian cultural, legislative and economic fields, Dearin & Associates’ India expert, Agnijita Roy will guide you through the opportunities and challenges of India’s market and strategies for expanding your business there.


Webinar topics include:


  • Overview of the Indian economy
  • Opportunities and demands across various sectors and geographies
  • How does your business align with the immense opportunities in India’s economy?
  • Cross-cultural tips for interacting successfully with Indian stakeholders


Our Presenters are:

          Cynthia Dearin                            Agnijita Roy

Cynthia Dearin           Agnijita 300x213


Join us on [DATE] of September to learn about the exciting opportunities on offer to expand your business to India.


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