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Andrew Sharpe, Senior Advisor, Technology & Information Security

21 February, 2024

Syd/Mel: WED, 21th of Feb at 11:00 AM
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Andrew Sharpe, Senior Advisor, Technology & Information Security

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Why #InfoSec is just like #safesex

Do you remember when people started to be aware of Sexually Transmitted Diseases – especially AIDS – in the 1980s? 

It’s a similar story to the journey of understanding we’ve gone on as a community about the need to address Information Security.

If we think about condoms, there have been massive advances in technology to overcome many of the ‘user experience’ issues.

Similarly, some of the basic tools that are now available as part of good #infosec maturity, specifically MultiFactor Authentication, now feature much better user experience.

And from a process perspective, you used to be required to ‘glove up’. Similarly, there are processes in place to ensure good #infosec.

However, as with all humans, it really depends on following through: always gloving up.

Here’s my question to you:

How confident are you that your staff are aware of mature processes they need to follow?

How about this:

How many of you think you were under attack over the last year?

The answer should be everyone.

The Australian Signals Directorate says that there were 94,000 reports of cybercrime in  Australia alone last financial year.

That’s 3-4% of Australian businesses (or more likely 15-20% more likely) … in one year!

Just like any business, hackers have conversion rates …

You can have the best processes and systems in place, however they’re success is reliant on your staff being educated and aware. They need to remember that they’re probably under attack every time  they log on … just like when they’re having sex.

To find out how to protect yourself and your team, watch the replay of my live webinar.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The bare minimum you should be doing on a systems level
  • Some common sense policies you should adopt
  • That you need to ensure staff are always aware

And if you’re interested in getting an expert view on your company’s information security. book a call with me to discuss how I can help you secure your company’s data.

What people say

Enable SE succeeded with one of Australia’s largest banks to become a core part of their sales training and sales curriculum.

To proceed with the deal and set the company up for its next stage of growth, Enable SE was required to be onboarded as a vendor and global partner. Due to the increasing number of data breaches and heightened information security posture, Enable SE was required to respond to a comprehensive survey on its information security processes and systems.

Andrew Sharpe was engaged to advise Enable SE on getting onboarded as a vendor. Through the process, it was identified that Enabled SE had a strong position and good common sense processes that just required to be documented. The critical unlock was clarifying the types of data that Enable SE was addressing. This meant that the bank’s level of risk was drastically lower than other use cases.

The outcome?

Enable SE was onboarded within two weeks and is now set up with a much stronger basis for the next stages of growth, including capital raising.

"I had been quoted it could be up to 6 months to get through this process. That it was completed within 2 weeks and without turning the business upside down exceeded my expectations. It allowed us to unlock the next stage of our growth."

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