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Mike Todd, Senior Advisor, Consumer Products

6 March 2024

Syd/Mel: WED, 6th of Mar at 11:00 AM
Brisbane: WED, 6th of Mar at 10:00 AM
Perth/Singapore: WED, 6th of Mar at 8:00 AM
San Francisco/Vancouver: TUE, 5th of Mar at 4:00 PM
New York: TUE, 5th of Mar at 7:00 PM

Mike Todd, Senior Advisor, Consumer Products

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International Pricing: Your Key to Global Success

Do you remember the moment you decided to take your dream global? That brilliant invention from countless hours working in your shed, celebrated as a local market triumph, symbolised by the new car in your driveway – a testament to your success.

But then came the spreadsheet shock. Selling internationally was not the same as selling in the home market, and the numbers just didn’t add up. 

Navigating the complexities of B2B vs. B2C pricing strategies left you wondering, where did all my margin go?

So, let me ask you: How confident are you in your current pricing strategy that it will work when you launch internationally?

Being able to visualise your pricing strategy will empower your decision-making process, streamline budget allocations, and maximise ROI effortlessly. Just imagine the confidence you will have being fully prepared for your next meeting with the ‘scary CFO!’.

Every entrepreneur should know accurate international pricing is crucial. Get it wrong, and your venture could fail before it even begins. The world does not not need another product, but with the right pricing, you might just capture its attention.

Join me for a 30-minute live session on Thursday, 8th of August, to transform your pricing strategy. Come along and you’ll learn: 

  • Essential insights into international margin requirements.
  • Practical policies for your pricing strategy.
  • How to validate your pricing before your product launch.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. 

Secure your spot now and take the first step towards global pricing success.

See you there!

What people say

Mike ran a 6-month project for us reviewing some key markets in Asia. His footwear and distribution knowledge were of great help, and he delivered a good piece of work on time.

Mike Todd consulted to Love To Dream over a four month period. He was responsible for working directly with our distributors to maximise sales and orders. Amongst many things Mike organised an international distributor conference in Germany, all content and presentation was done by Mike and the markets responded very positively to the conference, so much so this is now a yearly event. Mike also advised on various strategic decisions that have helped increase our revenue to date. Always coming to work a vibrant and lovely disposition I would not hesitate to work with Mike again.

Mike has been instrumental in helping Zipz get a foothold and succeed in the APAC Region. We could not have accomplished so much and/or been as efficient in that region without their help and expertise. Our partnership with Mike for the APAC region was a fantastic decision on our part and we’re proud to have them as our APAC representation.

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