Dearin & Associates is a boutique consultancy specializing in international trade, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  We help Australian companies enter markets and MENA companies enter the Australian market.

Our experience working in the region has made us aware that our clients face three key challenges: the “three Cs”.

  • Lack of commercial intelligence clients don’t know enough about the target market to prevent them from making from making expensive mistakes. They also often lack a sound export strategy to guide them through the process of going to market.
  • Lack of cultural awareness – clients don’t know enough about the culture of their target market and they therefore find interactions with clients and suppliers difficult and closing deals successfully even harder.
  • Lack of contacts – clients are not plugged into the right networks in their target market and struggle to get the best service and results.

Dearin & Associates helps clients to overcome these problems through:

  • Negotiation support – we assist companies with all phases of deal negotiation, from the introductory meeting to deal signature.
  • Cross-cultural management –  we provide training and problem-solving for companies working outside Australia or with clients and counterparts from abroad.
  • Strategic business connections – we facilitate links between projects and investors and put clients in touch with the best networks and contacts in new markets.
  • Export strategy – we help our clients create or refine their export strategy so that they get the most out of the export experience.

For more on what we do, watch the Introducing Dearin & Associates video clip or contact us on +61 2 8003 75 83 or at


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