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Import/Export Troubleshooting

If your firm has ever had cargo demurred in a foreign port, you’ll know exactly the difficulties it causes. You’re not sure where your goods are. The language barrier slows things down. No-one seems to be able to assist. Delays and direct costs add up.

Dearin & Associates knows that getting your goods and services out of Australia and into new markets can be a serious challenge. Legal and administrative requirements, both here and and at the destination, can pose serious risks to your bottom line. Industry organizations and regional chambers of commerce can help, but sometimes you need to call in assistance from professionals who work for you.

The Dearin & Associates team includes former members of the diplomatic corps, trade consultants, procurement experts and trained lawyers who understand where things can get hung up. More importantly, we know how to fix your problems — and can advise you on how to avoid them in the first place. Perhaps most importantly, we can draw on our network of professional, diplomatic and governmental contacts to ensure that the right people are made aware of your situation and that a fair outcome is reached. Sometimes, half of the problem is just getting the right person on the telephone — especially when that person is situated 10 time zones away!

If you find yourself in a bind — or want to review your export processing, stamping and compliance programs to ensure that you avoid potential snags — contact us today.

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