Financial Finetune

Take control of your company’s profitability and cash flow

Our Financial Finetune Report gives you deep insights into your company’s financial performance and shows you how to dramatically improve profitability and cash flow.

Each month you receive:

Upload Your Data

If this is your first report, please provide us with the following information:

  • Monthly P&L for FY 2021/22 (preferably in a single excel sheet with monthly information in columns) and
  • Monthly P&L with data from Q1 2022/23
  • Monthly Balance Sheet from FY 2021/22
  • Monthly Balance Sheet for Q1 2022/23
  • Number of Full Time Employees employed during the above periods.
  • Units of Measurement for each of the above periods – Units of Measurement (UOM) is the quantitative representation of your periodic sales. Eg. for a doctor, the “UOM” is the number of patients attended to for a particular month.

For a production unit, “UOM” is the number of units produced during a particular period.

Once we’ve created your initial report and established a baseline for your financial tracking, please provide the following information each month:

  • Profit & Loss for last month
  • Balance Sheet for last month

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