Cross-Cultural Consulting

We help companies build productive, profitable relationships with clients, colleagues and partners in global markets.

People from different places don’t always understand each other

…and they don’t always get along.

Cultural differences create challenges for culturally diverse teams and companies working internationally. If you haven’t addressed the ‘culture’ aspect of international expansion, you might be experiencing things which are bad for the bottom line – conflict in your team, difficult relationships with clients and suppliers, delayed decision-making and reduced productivity.

 To succeed in global markets, you need to understand how cultures differ, what cultural challenges you’re likely to encounter and how to deal with them.

We can help your team to build productive, profitable relationships in global markets.

We specialise in tailored country briefings ​and intensive workshops​

where we unpack cultural challenges and create solutions for them. Companies who have loved working with us include Qantas, Qatar Airways, Fred Hollows Foundation, Australian Hotels Association, Aurizon Rail, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Orica Mining and Hassad Food.

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