Empowering businesses to scale internationally and amplify their impact in the world


Inspiring and enabling small and medium businesses to ‘go global’ with group learning programs

We work with governments, membership associations and universities to deliver group workshops that inspire and enable participants to expand their business internationally.

We tailor our workshops to the needs and dynamics of the participants, and deliver high quality, engaging content on a range of topics. These range from broad, accelerator-style content on ‘going global’, to deep-dive workshops on market entry, international marketing, cross-cultural consulting and more.

Our in-house design and digital team produces high quality supporting materials, and can leverage program content into selfpaced learning modules that participants can access anytime.

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We had an outstanding experience working with Dearin & Associates. Cynthia and the team bring deep knowledge and expertise of international trade but deliver it in an accessible and actionable way, making global trade and growth an achievable aspiration for all businesses. Any business seeking to grow, whether locally or internationally, would benefit from the structured and outcomes focussed approach and from the team’s highly approachable, genuine and friendly support.

I manage an Export Program with 22 clients looking to enter the middle east market. I was looking for a trusted professional to deliver training to my clients on the UAE’s business culture, challenges and solutions. Cynthia’s knowledge, expertise and ability to deliver workshops in an interactive and engaging way online was undoubtedly value for money. the feedback from my clients on the training was excellent – they now have a much better understanding of how to do business in the region and strategies for managing real problems. I would recommend Cynthia and Maher at Dearin and Associates to anyone seeking such a service.

Dearin & Associates ran a one-day workshop on going global for regional and rural companies in Tamworth, giving our businesses access to new thinking and new networks.The innovative approach and the carefully crafted content in the workshop was refreshing, and made the experience enjoyable and valuable for the audience. Following the workshop, several of the companies that attended have begun actively working on their international strategy and seeking opportunities in overseas markets. The international journey for everyone is different, but what we know is that the journey is long, and companies need to be resourced and committed it. We feel excited that by working with Dearin & Associates, we can facilitate access to information that can help local and regional businesses to grow overseas.



Helping manufacturing companies open up new markets

We help forward-thinking manufacturing companies to streamline systems and boost cash flow, so they have the time and money to scale into international markets.

Our clients have opened up new international markets, increased their international profits and invested it back into their businesses to increase their organizational capacity.

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Gordon Irons / Managing Director, Enretech

Clive White / Managing Director, Ensitech

Anthony Harris / Chief Financial Officer, Forcite Helmet Systems

Daniel Anderzipf / General Manager, Firefly Lighting Pty Ltd

Georgie Yates / Trading Director, Aje

Megan Butler / Owner, Lilly & Lolly


Helping technology companies scale to new markets

We help high-growth tech companies design and implement an international strategy, so they can ‘go global’ and scale to the next level.

We have helped our clients to identify international product-market fit, implement a market entry strategy and build high-performing global teams.

Find out how we can help your tech company expand internationally.

Zane McIntyre / CEO & Co-Founder, Commision Factory

Tim Gray / Founder, Prophit Systems

Jeremy Streten / Founder, Business Legal Lifecycle


Helping food & beverage companies open up new export markets

We help food and beverage companies to open up new markets for their products, so they can increase their revenue and build a global brand.

We help our clients understand the complexities of exporting internationally, understand the tastes and preferences of foreign markets and reach new customers.

Find out how we can help your food and beverage company expand internationally.


Thank you Cynthia and team for an amazing presentation. As an experienced exporter there were great insights and processes to further expand on strategy to entering new markets. The content was relevant and adaptable to a variety of exporters at all levels.

Dearin & Associates provides excellent advice regarding anything to do with export needs for companies both big and small. They have a considerable wealth of experience available across all markets and most business types.


Helping services firms build a brand in new markets

We help professional services firms gather market intelligence and choose the right markets to enter so that can scale globally.

Our global growth marketing services enable them to identify their ideal clients, implement marketing campaigns on-the-ground and build brand recognition in new markets.

Find out how we can help your services firm expand internationally.

Will Abdo / CEO, Webtrade Marketing Pty Ltd

Jason Malouin / Founder, Superpower Portraits

Rosemary Gillespie / Director, Proof Communications

Cynthia presented at our Supply Chain forum and shared her key points for building a robust and successful export strategy. The clarity of message and excellent take-aways for all who attended , ensured this was a high value forum

Cynthia presented at our Supply Chain forum and shared her key points for building a robust and successful export strategy. The clarity of message and excellent take-aways for all who attended , ensured this was a high value forum


Capacity building for enterprise mining, transport and logistics companies

We work with enterprise-level mining, transport and logistics companies to build more productive relationships in international markets.

We have delivered workshops for some of Australia’s most recognized brands in this space, including Qantas Airways, Aurizon Rail, Orica Mining and Qatar Airways.

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I have worked with Cynthia and her team in the past. Her insights into the Middle East in respect of business dealings, negotiations and cultural aspects have been very helpful. She understands this area very well.

Dearin & Associates presented a workshop on business culture and tourism in the Middle East for Qatar Airways Australian clients, suppliers and team. From the moment Cynthia walked into the room she was engaging, professional and polished. Her presentation was flawless, captured the rooms attention and resonated with everyone. I couldnt have been more pleased with how the workshop went and especially all the great comments I received from our suppliers and clients who walked away with some great insights. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Cynthia as a speaker and expert on business culture in the Middle East.

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