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Rebel Thomson

Executive Officer, Namoi Unlimited
Joint Organisation of Councils in NSW

Namoi Unlimited is a Joint Organisation of Councils in NSW, a collaboration focussed on strategic regional priorities across five Local Government Areas in the New England North West of NSW. We aspire to create a region that is productive, smart and liveable.

Our challenge is to grow the economy and create jobs in the Namoi region. One of the ways we strive to do this is by helping businesses to embrace opportunities in global markets.

It is not easy for regional and rural businesses to capitalise on international opportunities. They face challenges which affect their capacity to explore growth and diversification opportunities, including climate change, drought, telecommunications access, remoteness and high transport costs.

Dearin & Associates ran a one-day workshop on going global for regional and rural companies in Tamworth, giving our businesses access to new thinking and new networks.

The innovative approach and the carefully crafted content in the workshop was refreshing, and made the experience enjoyable and valuable for the audience. Following the workshop, several of the companies that attended have begun actively working on their international strategy and seeking opportunities in overseas markets.

The international journey for everyone is different, but what we know is that the journey is long, and companies need to be resourced and committed it. We feel excited that by working with Dearin & Associates, we can facilitate access to information that can help local and regional businesses to grow overseas.

Penny Crawford

Founder, Crawford Boots,
Crawford Boots Case Study

I spent 27 years as a podiatrist in Gunnedah, in regional NSW. Over the past 8 years I have designed, developed, manufactured, patented and finally launched my product, Crawford Boots - an industrial safety waterproof boot for the underground mining market.

Crawford Boots have a unique, patented feature called the Wedgetech Lockfit System which personalizes the fit of the boots to feet of all shapes and sizes. As a result of having a waterproof safety boot that fits, supports the foot and provides increased ankle stability and balance, wearers are less likely to experience muscle fatigue. This is important for workplaces as it reduces slips, trips falls and injuries, and increases stability, concentration and productivity.

The idea of taking my company international had always been in the back of my mind as an option for the future. When I attended an International Business Accelerator workshop with Cynthia in Tamworth, I realised that international markets are an exciting and achievable opportunity.

Before joining the International Business Accelerator program,  I was a bit ‘all over the place’ as I was doing it all – sales, invoicing, marketing, freight, dispatch - you name it.

The program has been a godsend for me, as it has helped me break things down and truly understand and appreciate the processes involved in business strategy, both domestically and internationally. I am a planner and the structure helped me focus, identify and strive to understand all those markets applicable to my product – segment and geographically speaking. The International Business Accelerator gave me new skills including how to do market research, and how to understand and identify your ideal client, value proposition and so forth.

I always love the opportunity to learn, and the International Business Accelerator provides this in a very nurturing environment. No question is too silly to ask, Cynthia supports you, makes you think outside the box and is truly vested in your strategic plan for your company. I also love how she is always only too happy to help you solve problems or introduce you to others who can assist.

The program helped me nail my domestic strategy – YAY!! - and helped me to understand the steps and processes involved if I want to look offshore – I now know it is very achievable.

John Warmbrunn

Ego Pharmaceuticals,
Middle East North Africa Business Manager

Ego Pharmaceutical’s business in the Middle East represents a significant proportion of our world-wide business. As our business has grown more complex, cultural differences have  had a much greater impact.  

We were aware that for some functions, such as planning and forecasting, our teams were operating under starkly different paradigms and that in general, communication between Australia and the Middle East didn’t always go to plan for either party. Sitting in between both groups it was clear that there were some frustrations and issues that our internal processes, procedures and values were not adequately addressing.

Based on a thorough situation analysis, Dearin & Associates put together a training program for Ego Pharmaceuticals across a wide range functions that have some interaction with, or are impacted by the Middle East. This involved providing some models to explain the basis for the differences but more importantly, lots of interaction and discussion of real issues and misconceptions.

Following on from the feedback from this training Dearin & Associates then put together an “Australian” training session for Ego’s senior management team in the Middle East.

The program forced participants to confront the reality that there are some big differences between how Australians and Arabs view the world. There were many “aha” moments for both groups as they discussed examples of “strange” behavior that, in fact, turn out to be perfectly normal if you understand the differences in culture between the Middle East and Australia.

The training covered a wide range of topics but what really stood out were the changes in behaviour from staff who have regular contact with each other. At its simplest, the clear message from the training and subsequent interactions is that if both parties make a genuine effort to appreciate their cultural differences, things do work better and in fact, working together actually becomes far more enjoyable.

Dearin & Associates‘s feedback also helped senior management to identify some key areas to focus on and provide support for.

It is easy to feel that our challenges are unique to Ego Pharmaceuticals. Dearin & Associates unpacked this thinking and helped us to understand that the challenges are exactly what many companies experience and that with a bit of extra effort that our “challenges” do, indeed, become “opportunities”.

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