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We help manufacturing companies to scale internationally by supporting them in three key areas of their business:

10X Strategy

Develop a robust international strategy that is 10X better than your current best thinking.


10X Momentum

Generate traction and move 10X faster into international markets than your current pace.


10X Cashflow

Increase cash in the bank by at least 10% year-on-year.


We know that manufacturing founders face unique challenges in scaling their business overseas


Lack of time

Manufacturing founders are often spread thin managing the day-to-day operations of the business. You don’t have the time to dedicate to international expansion, and it feels as though things will fall apart if you’re not on the tools 100% of the time.


Lack of insights

You know you want to expand internationally to achieve scale and increase your company’s value. But you don’t have insights into which market you should target, or what the costs and opportunities of an international expansion will be.


Lack of strategy

No-one in the company is investing significant time and energy in its strategic direction. Because you’re spending so much time working in the business, you can’t zoom up to the strategic level, which is where growth happens.


Lack of resources

You don’t have the resources you need to invest in an international expansion. The company is stretched for time, team and cash and there’s nothing left over to make global growth a reality.


We work with you to:


Understand your product’s global demand

Understand your product’s global demand and make evidence based decisions on which markets to enter overseas.

Our international market research services help you to scope offshore opportunities, assess risks and barriers to entry, gain industry insights in your target market, identify the ideal mode of market entry and model the cost of doing business there.

“The biggest challenge for us was understanding global demand for our product. We needed to find the easiest path to global markets. Dearin & Associates gave us the insights and data to direct our international strategy, identify the huge opportunity for our product globally and enter the United States”

Anthony Harris, Forcite Helmet Systems

“We didn’t really have an international strategy and were focused on too many markets. Dearin & Associates helped us identify Japan as the key market for us. We’re excited and energized at the opportunities in international markets, which are probably 10 times the size of our domestic market.”

Gordon Irons, Enretech


Develop an international expansion strategy

Develop a comprehensive international expansion strategy that increases your momentum, impact and revenue in global markets.

Our international market entry services help you to clarify your company’s global vision, make high quality decisions and execute flawlessly in global markets.


Build your team's international competence

Understand how doing business internationally differs from your domestic market, and equip your team to succeed in global markets.

For companies who are already operating internationally and looking to amplify their results, our cross border consulting services build your team’s competence in a range of core areas, and overcome challenges you may be facing there.


“Ego Pharmaceuticals’ business in the Middle East represents a significant proportion of our world-wide business. As our business has grown more complex, cultural differences have had a much greater impact.

Based on a thorough situation analysis, Dearin & Associates put together a training program for Ego Pharmaceuticals across a wide range functions that have some interaction with the Middle East. This involved providing some models to explain the basis for the differences but more importantly, lots of interaction and discussion of real issues and misconceptions.”

John Warmbrunn
, Group International Manager, Ego Pharmaceuticals


Find your ideal distributor and grow your international sales


We help manufacturing companies find their ideal international distributor. We know that finding an international distributor that is aligned with your company’s vision and mission is critical to your success in international markets.

Our team of dedicated international business professionals bring specialised industry knowledge, regional expertise and deep understanding of global markets to help you find the best distributor for your product in new markets.

Our Clients

What our clients say

"Exceptional work by the Dearin & Associates team. The market report exceeds expectations in terms of content, output and guidance, given the timeframe to compile and complete. I am personally so very impressed."

"Knowing what to focus on to achieve growth was our biggest challenge. Working with Dearin & Associates gave us the clarity to build an international strategy and execute it. Before, we were overwhelmed but now we're excited and confident at the opportunities that await us."

"Crawford Boots manufactures an industrial safety waterproof boot for the underground mining market. Working with Dearin & Associates has been a godsend for me, as it has helped me break things down and truly understand and appreciate the processes involved in business strategy, both domestically and internationally."

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