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Dearin & Associates


Dearin & Associates is an international business consultancy, based in Sydney, Australia. We help clients to access opportunities and capital in fast-growing international markets and our special area of focus is the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Our vision is “To empower businesses to connect people and opportunities globally”.

Our mission is “To provide world class consultancy services to companies operating internationally”.

We also provide corporate advisory services to Australian and internationally-based companies and are known for our high quality, independent advice. Key clients include Qantas, Abu Dhabi Government, Ashurst, Aurizon, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Hassad Food and the Export Council of Australia.

Our experience working with companies that are expanding beyond their home market has made us aware that clients from around the world face three key challenges:

  • Lack of commercial intelligence and strategy – clients do not know enough about the target market to prevent them from making from making expensive mistakes. They also often lack a sound internationalisation strategy to guide them through the international expansion process.
  • Lack of cultural awareness – clients do not know enough about the culture of their target markets and they therefore find interactions with clients and suppliers difficult and closing deals successfully even harder.
  • Lack of contacts – clients are not plugged into the right networks in their target markets and struggle to get the best service and results.

Dearin & Associates helps clients to overcome these problems through:

  • Strategic business connections – we facilitate links between projects and investors and put clients in touch with the best networks and contacts in new markets.
  • Negotiation support – we assist companies with all phases of deal negotiation, from the introductory meeting to deal signature.
  • Cross-cultural management –  we provide training and problem-solving for companies working outside Australia or with clients and counterparts from abroad.
  • Export strategy – we help our clients create or refine their export strategy so that they get the most out of the export experience.

Dearin & Associates helps clients to succeed in international markets using our seven-step Framework for Export Success. We work with companies to ensure that they are:

  • Ready to enter a new market
  • Sure that they have chosen the right market
  • Confident that their product or service will work in that market
  • Familiar with what customers in the new market want
  • Equipped to deal with the cultural nuances of the target market
  • Up-to-date on the regulatory framework of the target market
  • Prepared to implement a carefully designed export strategy

Founded in 2012, Dearin & Associates was born when Cynthia Dearin recognised that Australian companies were in need of export support, particularly in the markets of the Middle East and North Africa region, where Cynthia had spent so much of her career.

Cynthia says:

When I decided to start a consulting firm, I had one objective firm to mind: I wanted to empower businesses and their leadership by helping them to build connections and realise their full potential. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than partnering with innovative companies and helping them develop strategies, understand the culture, make contacts and clear regulatory hurdles so that they can get on with growing their business and reaching new markets.

I realised that no-one was providing this service for Australian companies wanting to go to the MENA region and so Australian exporters were missing out on enormous opportunities.

I also knew that exporters face numerous challenges when they enter new markets; dealing with these issues and their costs is what separates growing and successful enterprises from those who continue to struggle to gain international market share. As CEO of the Arab Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I had the chance to help dozens of Australian companies to find success in the fast-growing markets of the Gulf region, especially Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. And I was keen to make my experience and expertise available to companies who wanted help in understanding the MENA and succeeding there.

Dearin & Associates is Australia’s only international business consultancy specialising in the MENA region. All of our associates are either from the region or have lived and worked there extensively, and we understand what makes these markets tick. We also provide services for the Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Iranian markets.

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