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Dearin & Associates is an international business consultancy. 

We help companies to scale internationally. ​

We have deep experience in international markets across a range of sectors. Our consultants have worked in markets including the UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Western Europe, Austria and the CIS states.


We focus on sectors including






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We’re known for helping clients create game-changing strategies

Our impact

We enable our clients to rapidly increase their international momentum and revenue, and amplify their impact in the international space.

In the SME space, our most popular product is the International Business Accelerator, which provides a structured pathway into international markets for small companies looking for a global footprint.

We leave our clients inspired, empowered and equipped to succeed in their target market.

Scaling Internationally -

The Challenge

We believe that there has never been a better time for companies of all sizes to “go global”

…but we also know that it’s not as easy as it looks.

Over the years, we’ve realised that many companies that are looking to go international face three key challenges:

Most of these companies will find themselves at one of four levels:

Frustrated and stretched

in terms of international market entry and where their domestic business. These companies don’t have an international strategy, revenue is below expectations and they feel as if they are going backwards. 

They want to take on the world, but it seems hard. They don’t know where to start, they feel as though there’s no time to focus on international growth and they don’t know how they’ll cover the costs that come with expanding overseas. 

Some of these companies also mistakenly believe that international  expansion will solve their domestic business problems – nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s critical to stabilise the business at home before targeting the world at large, and that’s often the first step.

Considering international expansion

these companies are aware of the enormous potential of international markets, but they’re not sure whether international expansion is for them.  They’re doing well at home, and they want to tip a toe in the water when it comes to growing overseas, before they jump in. This is a dangerous place to be – it’s a little like having one foot in the boat and the other on the dock – because international expansion only works if you’re committed.  Companies that take the “toe in the water” approach usually have an incoherent international strategy, which is often based on their domestic strategy. They expend a lot of energy and resources on different tactics, but nothing sticks and momentum is low. Revenue is also stagnant and that’s a problem, as they’ll need growing revenue to make the leap into the international space. The good news is that many of the principles of international expansion apply equally to the domestic space and companies that apply them across the board can improve the picture at home and set themselves up for overseas markets at the same time.

Ready to expand

we love working in this space! These companies are ready to scale internationally – they already have a plan to go overseas and some momentum, but they’re not getting as much traction as they’d they’d like – it’s a little like a Formula 1 car that’s circling the track at 60 km/hour. There’s nothing wrong with the vehicle, but the driver needs some help to understand how to get maximum performance from it. Revenue at these companies is growing, but not breaking any records. 

Unfortunately, many companies reach this level and decide that it’s “good enough”. Or they buy the myth that doing ‘more of the same’ will take them to the next level.  Those that do, ultimately don’t succeed in realising their full potential, because domestic markets can’t deliver exponential growth and neither can a “more of the same” strategy.

Already expanding

these companies recognise the power of very clear principles and structures to drive international expansion. Their strategy is clear and they’re executing against it, and they are looking for speed. They’re like a Formula 1 car travelling at full speed and they want a great crew and pit team behind them to maintain that performance. Revenue is on a sharply upward curve and entry into international markets has the potential to lift turnover exponentially.

Scaling Internationally - What We Deliver

Scaling internationally is a little like an iceberg – what you see above the waterline is really only 10 % of what exists. Because what we see above the waterline is only 10%, it’s really the outcome, the products and services. So many people are simply seeking advice, or a program or a service to support them internationally,

Below the line are the intangibles of scaling internationally – the results.

The results of scaling internationally the right way are having a strategy to 10 x your business, the momentum within your business and the revenue that your business makes.

Think about that for a moment. If you can’t 10 x the strategy, the momentum and the revenue that your company generates, why would you 10 x the amount of effort and complexity involved in your business, to go into an international market?

For us, at Dearin & Associates, the work we do is about helping you get a 10 x strategy, 10 x momentum and 10 x revenue. But fundamentally, it about more than that. We believe that great businesses to scale internationally and have 10 x the impact that they currently have now. That’s what drives us.

Scaling Internationally - The Blueprint

At Dearin & Associates, everything we do is about helping you scale internationally and 10 x the impact of your business. To do this, we deliver three critical outcomes for our clients:

We believe that there are three levers that are key to achieving these outcomes:

  • Critical thinking – informs great strategy and provides a foundation for boosting revenue. 
  • Definite decisions – enable companies to carry out their strategy and create the momentum to execute it well.
  • Extraordinary execution –  maximises the available resources and creates great outcomes from all perspectives. Extraordinary execution generates momentum and boosts revenue, which translates into profit as well.

We also know that there are nine key questions that need to be answered before a company can successfully scale internationally:

Expanded vision

do we have an expanded vision of the potential of your business in the international market that you’re trying to enter?

Deep insights

do we have a deep level of insight into the markets we are targeting and what will be required to succeed there?

Uncompromising Objectives

Do we consistently set international goals which are achievable but that take us beyond our comfort zone, forcing us to excel?

Robust reality

are we confident that our plans for international are based in reality – are we equipped to deliver on our vision?

Rocking Rhythm

Does our team have a rhythm of work with a consistent focus on international expansion. Is setting and achieving international goals regularly the norm?

Active Accountability

Do we have the support of qualified advisors who can objectively assess and provide feedback on our plans and on our progress?

Powerful plan

Do we have a step-by-step plan which sets out who needs to do what, when to make our vision a reality?

Time Excellence

do we manage time as though it were our most valuable asset and is our team using its time effectively so that we manage the demands of the domestic and international ventures? 

Money Discipline

are we on top of your financials and the cost of international expansion? Are we clear on the financial resources we’ll need to expand internationally and how to secure them?

Our Services


Market analysis

“done for you” mapping and analysis of your target market to identify opportunities, risks and potential for engagement.

Financial modelling

we’ll help you unlock deep insights about expected revenue growth and costs related to international expansion, and assess the impact of any plausible expansion scenarios on the business cash flow.

International Business Accelerator

our “done with you” program for SMEs and companies that want to build organisational capacity around international expansion


Market entry strategy

we help you identify and choose competitive, flexible options for entering your target market.

On-ground implementation

we can assist you to set up your in-country operation in a variety of markets.

Cross-cultural consulting

we can work with you to understand the culture of the market you’re targeting and provide tailored briefings and advice

International Business Accelerator

our “done with you” program for SMEs and companies that want to build organisational capacity around international expansion.


Financial modelling

through the power of financial modelling we can:

International Business Accelerator

our “done with you” program for SMEs and companies that want to build organisational capacity around international expansion.

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