Our Impact

Dearin & Associates is a champion of women in business and we want to see women entrepreneurs around the world succeed. We know that women business owners play pivotal roles in supporting their families, their communities and their employees. But we also know that the road to success can be challenging, and that women face many obstacles, including:

We invest in projects and initiatives that build the social and economic wellbeing of women and girls, with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups in emerging markets around the world.

When you engage and invest in professional services provided by Dearin & Associates, you also invest in raising up women and girls in some of the poorest communities around the world.

Our Partnerships

We’re proud to partner with B1G1: Business For Good to give a portion of our revenue to worthy projects that support and inspire women around the world. We focus on projects that increase womens’ education and economic empowerment, and our contributions have provided:


Days of access to a special life education program to children in India


Days of literacy education to dalit girls


Days of social entrepreneurship training to students in the Philippines


Days of university education to disadvantaged girls


Days of vocational training to women in the Philippines
…and counting!
When you book a Strategy Session, attend a masterclass or engage Dearin & Associates’ services, we contribute to one of these worthy projects on your behalf.

Our Initiatives

We have driven several initiatives and special projects that address inequities and misconceptions when it comes to women’s entrepreneurship in emerging economies around the world.


We have provided scholarships to the International Business Accelerator for women entrepreneurs to help them ‘go global’ and build their company’s value by expanding into international markets.

Tamara and Reem Al Baghdadi, Rimarapak

Tamara and Reem Al Baghdadi are the founders of RimaraPak, a packaging manufacturing company from Jordan. These powerhouse sisters were awarded a scholarship to the International Business Accelerator to help them to identify new markets and implement an international strategy.

Suzan Attallah, Veranda

Suzan Attallah is the founder of Veranda, a company that designs green rooftop spaces in war-torn Palestine. Suzan was granted a scholarship to our Keys to International Success program, which teaches emerging entrepreneurs business fundamentals for international expansion.
Suzan Attallah
Suzan Attallah-image

Bilateral Initiatives

Dearin & Associates organized the 2015 and 2016 Australian Arab Businesswomen’s Forum, which brought together key stakeholders from business and government sectors in Australia and the Arab countries. The conference provided impactful programming and highlighted the achievements of several prominent female entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Jordan and Palestine.

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