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Strategic Business Connections

Strategic Business Connections


How do I find the right investor for my project?

We understand that finding the right investor can be a tricky business. Clients often tell us that they are struggling to find:

  • Investment for their project – domestic institutions are often hesitant to invest, especially in early stage businesses. Entrepreneurs and business people with great ideas find it hard to secure that initial capital to get their project off the ground.
  • Investors with an appetite for large projects – many of our clients are looking for capital in excess of $10 million dollars and that isn’t easy to come by from domestic sources.
  • Investors who are reliable and trustworthy – clients struggle to meet investors who are reliable, trustworthy and strategically aligned to their vision.

What We Do

Dearin & Associates is an international business consulting firm that helps established companies to access opportunities and capital in fast-growing international markets. We specialise in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, helping Australian companies to enter MENA markets and MENA companies to enter the Australian market. We also provide corporate advisory services to Australian and MENA-based companies and are known for our high quality, independent advice.

Our investor matching service links companies with investors who can provide the project funding our clients need to realise their vision. Our network of associates and affiliated firms connects us to sovereign wealth funds, family offices and high net worth individuals. It also provides access to private equity firms, local brokers and authorities and relevant industry contacts.

Phase One: Evaluate

Firstly, we help clients to build a clear profile of their ideal investor. Then we run a targeted search through our extensive international networks to source investors who match the profile. Our investors include high net worth individuals, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms and institutional investors from key markets throughout the Middle East and Asia.

We also ensure that clients are ready to meet our investors. We help them to tailor their pitch to extract maximum value from every minute they spend with an investor. We create culturally-relevant and persuasive marketing collateral, and deliver a cross-cultural workshop to equip clients with the cultural skills they need to succeed.

 Phase Two: Engage

Next, we design and execute an investor roadshow in the target market, where we make strategic introductions to investors and provide expert support throughout all meetings.

Our team manages the logistics so that clients can focus on building meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

After the visit, we synthesise the outcomes of the meetings and provide clients with strategic recommendations for how to progress with funding their vision. We follow up with investors and assist in managing communication going forward.

Phase Three: Execute

Following the hosted visit, we assist clients to close the deal by liaising with investors, conducting due diligence and providing negotiation support.

Our investor matching service enables businesses to navigate foreign markets with confidence and find capital so that they can expand their horizon and realise their vision.

To find out more about Dearin & Associates’ investor matching services, contact us on or +612 8076  4660.


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