International Market Research & Modelling

We help companies gain deep insights into their target markets, through qualitative and quantitative international market research and modelling.

Supercharge your global expansion with quality international market research.


A great strategy is key to success in global markets, but too many companies start with plans based on superficial research, guesswork and ad hoc decisions. They invest time and money in markets which are never going to generate the returns they dream of.

Don’t risk going on ‘gut feel’ and getting it wrong!

Dearin & Associates provides international market research services to companies looking to expand into new markets. We use financial modelling and market analysis to create quantitative and qualitative insights for our clients.


We work with you to:


Scope the opportunity

Determine the size of the opportunity for your company in any given market.


Assess risk

Understand the commercial environment in your target country and identify risks and barriers to entry.


Get industry insights

Answer questions specific to your industry sector or target client base in your chosen country.


Choose the right market entry options

Identify modes of market entry that will allow your company to sell competitively in your target market.


Figure out cost

Unlock deep insights about revenue and costs related to international expansion.​

Need help choosing the right market?


Our custom market reports give you the data and insights to make evidence-based decisions about where to launch your business overseas. We use:

To help you:

Download a sample report, or get in touch to book an introductory call to discuess your market research needs:

Want to go deeper?


Sometimes desk research is not enough …

Although there are many countries where quality economic data and industry information is plentiful, it’s not always the case.

Depending on which market you’re targeting, you may also need primary source material that can only be collected by a team on the ground.

We can collect and collate on-ground research for you in countries including:


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