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We help foreign companies expand to Australia, so that they can capitalize on all the opportunities Australia has to offer.


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Thinking of expanding to Australia and wondering where to start?

The global commercial environment is competitive and Australia is no exception.

A successful market entry down under requires massive momentum, cash to splash and the ability to execute to a high standard. You can’t afford too many mistakes.

So where do you start and who do you talk to?

Australia is an open and transparent market, but like other places it has its fair share of local customs, cultural quirks and regulatory hurdles to jump. To do well you need to understand the landscape, know who to talk to and get the right advice.


Our Services

We work with you to:


Understand demand for your product or service in Australia

Understand your demand for your product or service in Australia, and make evidence based decisions on whether it is the right market for you.

Our Australia market research services help you to scope opportunities in Australia, assess risks and barriers to entry, gain insights into customer tastes and preferences, identify the ideal mode of market entry and model the cost of doing business here.


Develop an Australia market entry strategy

Develop a comprehensive market entry strategy that increases your momentum, impact and revenue in Australia.

Our international market entry services help you to clarify your company’s global vision, make high quality decisions and execute flawlessly in global markets.


Accelerate your impact on-the-ground in Australia

Understand how doing business in Australia differs from your domestic market, and equip your team to succeed here.

Our cross border consulting services build your team’s competence in a range of core areas, including international marketing, lead generation, sales activation and cross cultural understanding.

We draw on our extensive networks on the ground to connect you with trusted contacts who can accelerate your results and impact in Australia.


Why Work with Us

Australia's most trusted international business experts


Australian market experts

We know the commercial landscape in Australia like the back of our hand, and specialize in market entry strategy.


On-the-ground networks

Our networks are second to none - we’ll connect you with the partners and suppliers we know, love and trust, so they can provide you with the same great service that we enjoy.


Trusted by leading Australian brands

We have deep expertise in consulting to leading Australian and global brands, including Qantas, Aurizon, Qatar Airways, the Fred Hollows Foundation, Orica Mining and many other smaller brands.


Multidisciplinary business advice

Our team includes experts in business strategy, law, accounting & taxation, negotiations, and banking, and we will guide you as you navigate the many aspects of the commercial environment.

Our Advisors

Australia's most trusted international business experts


Cynthia Dearin

Managing Director & International Strategist


Mike Todd

Senior Advisor & International Distribution Expert

Marcus Robb

Senior Advisor & Global Growth Marketing Expert


Andrew Sharpe

Senior Advisor & Technology Expert


Phil Walsh

Senior Advisor & Customer Experience Expert

Our Clients

What our clients say

We had an outstanding experience working with Dearin & Associates.

The team was amicable and TSC was able to speak freely and brainstorm through problems to affect solutions. We were able to move from an abstract concept to a concrete strategy in just a few sessions. culminating with Dearin successfully executing the first phase of the plan. We would absolutely recommend Dearin & Associates. They are an intelligent, well-networked, forward leaning team with a focus on obtaining results for their clients. The team at Dearin was able to come up with a creative solution to an abstract problem and leverage their regional network to succeed where TSC working alone would have failed.


Insights into doing business in Australia

Where should we set up our business in Australia?

Australia has a number of major cities, but you may be unsure which one makes most sense for your business. The answer depends on what type of business you operate, and what your requirements are.

Sydney and Melbourne are diverse economic hubs that support a wide range of industries, from banking, finance and professional services, to food and beverage, aviation and logistics.

Smaller cities like Brisbane and Adelaide have a more laid back environment, and are appealling to startups. Places like the Gold Coast are highly tourism oriented, and a great place to start if you re operating in the tourism or outdoor industries. While Perth seems remote on the Western coast of Australia, it is proximate to the mining and agricultural industries, so a great place to expand to if you offer services that are complementary to those industries.

Don’t forget about inland and regional Australia while the majority of Australia’s population lives in coastal cities, many regional cities and towns offer incentives for business to expand there.

Overall, proximity to suppliers, customers and skilled labor is essential to your company’s succcess in Australia. Our team at Dearin & Associates specializes in guiding companies through this decision making process, and can help you find the most strategic location to suit your specific needs.

What market entry strategy should we use to enter Australia?

Your market entry strategy can make or break your business, and it’s important that you get it right, first time around. Australia operates differently to your home market, and selecting a market entry strategy requires a nuanced understanding of your business goals, industry dynamics and the local market landscape.

Market entry options in Australia range from establishing a wholly owned subsidiary with full control over your operations, to working with a local distributor, or forming strategic partnerships or joint ventures with local firms that align with your business goals. Conducting a market assessment and leveraging Dearin & Associates’ expertise can help you tailor a strategy to ensure you succeed.

How do we ensure our negotiations with Australian stakeholders succeed?

Australian law and business culture are different to what you ve experienced elsewhere, and you may be not confident that you understand the environment well enough to get the negotiation outcomes you need.

As a general rule of thumb, Australian business people value direct communication and transparency, so being honest and open in your dealings is key. You should also familiarize yourself with Australian business laws and regulations to ensure compliance. Dearin & Associates can support you in negotiations and act on your behalf to maximize your chances of success.


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