International Strategy

Design and implement an international expansion strategy

We help you design and implement a winning international strategy, so you can 10X your strategy, momentum and revenue in global markets.
We help companies to scale internationally by supporting them in three key areas of their business:

10X Strategy

Develop a robust international strategy that is 10X better than your current best thinking.


10X Momentum

Generate traction and move 10X faster into international markets than your current pace.


10X Cashflow

Increase cash in the bank by at least 10% year-on-year.

Our Approach

Critical Thinking

Design your global vision for success

Success in international markets requires an expansion vision – a readiness and willingness to take calculated risks and grasp the international opportunities that are waiting for you.

We help companies develop an expanded vision for their international success through:

  • Vision Setting – Delivering intensive workshops and consulting engagements that foster big picture thinking, rather than a “nickel and dime” picture of what you want to achieve.
  • Market Insights – Generating deep insights into your target markets, through qualitative and quantitative international market research and modelling.
  • Resource Planning – Assessing your current reality and being certain that you can deliver on the vision you’ve developed.

Knowing what to focus on to achieve growth was our biggest challenge. Working with Dearin & Associates gave us the clarity to build an international strategy and execute it. Before, we were overwhelmed but now we're excited and confident at the opportunities that await us.


Make high-quality decisions based on data

To master the complexity of international business on an ongoing basis, you need to consistently make high-quality decisions that are based on data, analysis and strong strategic planning.

We help companies make high-quality decisions through:

  • Goal Setting – Helping you develop clear, achievable goals that take you beyond your comfort zone. Without these, you won’t take the risks that you need to be internationally successful.
  • Data Analysis – To make high-quality decisions you need to be across and in control of all the numbers in your business. This includes pricing, financial numbers and marketing data.
  • Strategic Planning – Developing a strategic plan to make your vision a reality.

Extraordinary Execution

Generate and maintain traction in international markets

To generate and maintain traction in international markets, you need extraordinary execution – to consistently carry out your strategy to a very high standard.

We support companies in uplevelling their international execution through:

  • Systems Planning – Developing strong systems across all areas of the company, so that the company leaders can get maximum leverage from their time and focus on growing the business internationally.
  • Global Teams – Recruiting and managing teams who are 100% on board with your ‘global vision’ for the company. Ideally, they’ll also have at least 90% of the skills needed to make the vision reality, and be willing to put in 120% effort to get results.
  • Coaching & Accountability – Providing external advisors who give objective feedback, encouragement and counsel on your plans and on progress. We believe that to a large extent, environment dictates performance.

How We Work


Executive Advisory Program

Our 1:1 advisory service for businesses that are already operating on the global stage and looking to amplify their performance.


International Business Accelerator

Our group program for smaller companies looking for a global footprint, ideal for those who are just getting started.

Our Advisors


Cynthia Dearin

Principal and International Strategist


Bryan Santos

Senior Advisor, Mergers & Acquisitions


Mike Todd

Senior Advisor, COnsumer Products


Marcus Robb

Senior Advisor, Global Marketing


Tatiana Miron

Senior Advisor, Market Research


Thomas Vo

Senior Advisor, South East Asia


Mark Morley

Senior Advisor, Middle East and Asia-Pacific

Zach Person

Senior Advisor, United States

Our Clients

What People Say

The biggest challenge for us was understanding global demand for our product. We needed to find the easiest path to global markets. Dearin & Associates gave us the insights and data to direct our international strategy, identify the huge opportunity for our product globally and enter the United States.

We didn't really have an international strategy and were focused on too many markets. Dearin & Associates helped us identify Japan as the key market for us. We're excited and energized at the opportunities in international markets, which are probably 10 times the size of our domestic market.


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