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Doing Business in South-East Asia: Interview with Michael Lee

With a population of 625 million people, South-East Asia offers some enormous export markets for your company's goods or services. That's roughly 25 times the size of Australia! But why is South-East Asia really so important? Which countries should you consider? How do you get started and ensure that you succeed once you do?

Our International Business Advisor, Dan Price, sat down with Michael Lee to discuss the ins and outs for small businesses who want to do business in South-East Asia.


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Michael is a senior advisor with Dearin & Associates, and member of Dearin's Advisory Board. He has had extensive experience expanding business internationally to Asia, New Zealand, the UAE and the UK. Michael is an Advisory Councillor for the Australian Industry Group and he serves as a Counsellor for the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

About Dan Price

Dan is an International Business Advisor with extensive government, diplomatic, and commercial expertise. He has lived, worked and studied in the Middle East, North America and Europe and he completed four years of Arabic language studies in Canberra and Doha, Qatar.

His work has taken him around the world: from helping to produce a Persian music video in British Columbia to remotely supporting UN projects with teams in Libya, Oman, Palestine, Sudan and Uzbekistan.

Dan’s first passion lies in the Arab world and contributing to a better understanding of the region in the West. Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies from the Australian National University and is today based in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. Connect with him at

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