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Winning Across Borders, Cultures and Generations


Join us for this high-speed breakfast panel as Cynthia Dearin and Jeff Downes demystify many of the cultural, gender and generational obstacles to your success.


Cynthia Dearin, international business expert will join with Jeff Downes (The Big Boom Guy) serial entrepreneur and dynamic Boomer, in a showcase giving you some key tips to winning in personal and professional life, locally and globally.


In the pursuit of success in their own businesses, both Cynthia and Jeff have lived, worked and travelled extensively overseas. They have distilled their key learnings to share with you their proven approaches to:


 Build stable successful relationships

 Align and engage with multicultural and multi-generational staff

 Increase awareness and understanding of issues facing staff from different backgrounds

 Improve individual and group performance

 Retain key talent and transfer priceless IP


Their promise in this high speed breakfast showcase is to have you leave knowing where to start and what to do next to provide solutions in your own organization.





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Event Details
Thursday 31 March, 2016
7:30 am - 9:00 am
The Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

The Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000


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