What is the IBA and how does it work?

The IBA is a structured coaching and training program to help companies create a winning international business strategy and implement it as they go.

Each month, we run a group training session on the course topic for that month. After the training session, you’ll meet for a 1:1 session with your coach to test ideas, get feedback and work through challenges.

We deliver the program online via live video link. If you miss a class, you can make it up by accessing the video recording later.

Click here to view the course curriculum.

To apply for the IBA, click here to enter your details and fill out a short questionnaire about your business, and why you want to expand internationally.

A member of our team will get in touch with you to introduce themselves and find out more about your international business goals.

If we think that the IBA is a fit for you and your business, we’ll provide next steps on setting up a Strategy Session with one of our lead coaches, to deep dive into understanding your business and your growth aspirations. You’ll come away from the Strategy Session with a clear roadmap of the next steps to take to make your international vision a reality and information on joining the IBA.

The IBA is open to any business that has a product or service that can be expanded into international markets. We’re looking for forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a global impact and expanding their business abroad.

Our program participants come from a range of industries, including legal, engineering, recruitment, food and beverage and consulting.

You can invest as little or as much time as you want into participating in the IBA – our general principle is that you will get out what you put in. The minimum amount of time you need to participate in the monthly training sessions, coaching calls and homework activities is two hours per week, but you will see results faster if you put more in.

As with any professional development program and life in general – you get out what you put in. By joining the IBA, you commit to giving 100% to the program and in return we commit to putting 100% into helping you achieve your goals. We have found that one third of IBA participants to-date have signed their first international client or partnership within their first three months of the program, and those participants were highly proactive in their approach to the program.

Our core team and coaches are based in Australia, but you don’t have to be an Australian company or based in Australia to join the program. The entire program is delivered online, so you can literally join from anywhere in the world provided that you have a laptop, an Internet connection and a global mindset.

We partner with leading companies who are champions of international business and whose products and services add value to SMEs as they scale their business globally.

To express interest in becoming an IBA partner, please fill out this expression of interest form and our Partnerships Coordinator will be in touch.

Dearin & Associates is an international business consulting company that helps clients to access opportunities in fast-growing international markets.

We are passionate about helping our clients expand internationally, because we recognise that there’s never been a better time to “go global”. International trade is at an all-time high and goods, services and information can move around the globe more rapidly than ever before.

We know that companies that do business internationally have a bigger global impact, innovate more, make more money and are better places to work. We also believe that the world is a better place when people everywhere have access to the best products and services available.

Our special focus is to speed up and de-risk the international expansion process for micro-to-medium sized companies and to help them get their products and services to the world.

We provide world-class consultancy services to companies that want to work internationally to:

  • Ensure that they have the right commercial intelligence and a sound strategy for entering new markets.
  • Introduce them to the right investors, clients, partners and distributors in new markets.
  • Help them navigate the cultural challenges that arise when working across borders.

We launched the IBA in 2017 to provide a structured pathway for SMEs to access international markets.

Click here to find out more.

Our advisors, coaches and mentors are international experts in their field, with decades of experience as entrepreneurs, management consultants, diplomats and business leaders in fast-growing international markets.


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