International Market Entry

There has never been a better time to take your company international. The rapid rise of the digital economy, affordable international travel, increased economic connectedness and a steady lowering of trade barriers across countries are making it easier than at any time in history to do business across borders. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Have you ever thought…

“We have outgrown our domestic market and we want to expand, but we don’t have a good strategy for internationalisation or the time to develop one”.

“A client has asked us to start operating in a new country, but we’re not sure whether this is a sound business decision”.

“We want to enter a new market but we don’t have enough information to be able to assess which country would work best for us”.

“We think there is a good opportunity in a new country, but we don’t have the resources to investigate it fully”.

“We know there’s a great opportunity in a new market, but we don’t have any networks there and developing them seems like an enormous task”?

We hear these sentiments from clients often. Companies are constantly seeking to replicate their home-country success in new geographies. But each country’s market is unique and has its own economic, demographic, cultural, business etiquette and regulatory factors to contend with. International enterprises often find that, despite investing millions, success is elusive in a particular country if they do not read the pulse of the market correctly.

Successfully entering a new international market requires a strategic  approach, and developing and implementing a good strategy can present big challenges, even for successful mid-market firms.

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What We Do

Dearin & Associates helps clients to enter fast-growing international markets, using our seven-step Framework for Export Success. 

We work with clients to ensure that they are:

  1. Ready to enter a new market
  2. Sure that they have chosen the right market
  3. Confident that their product or service will work in that market
  4. Familiar with what customers in the new market want
  5. Equipped to deal with the cultural nuances of the target market
  6. Up-to-date on the regulatory framework of the target market
  7. Prepared to implement a carefully designed export strategy

What Our Clients Say

Web Profits is an end-to-end online marketing agency that helps companies succeed online using SEO, social media and online advertising. Web Profits wanted to expand to Asia using Singapore as the regional base but did not know how best to set up a company, appoint staff, locate offices and understand the legal; tax and accounting requirements.

Michael Lee, a Senior Advisor at Dearin & Associates helped Web Profits to set up operations in less than two months. Malaysian by birth, Michael understands the market in the South East Asia region. His business contacts and deep experience meant that Michael was able to pre-arrange meetings before the team went to Singapore and it took us just one week at the end of June to complete the set up. Web Profits plans to start operating in Singapore in early July 2016.

With the company established in such a short timeframe, Web Profits was able to focus on getting new clients from the outset, rather than worrying about administration. Michael was also able to introduce Web Profits to potential clients in Singapore.

“Michael was outstanding in helping Web Profits set up the Singapore office in record time. As our Advisor for our Asian Operations, his strategic insights and hands-on approach is a real asset to the company.”

Paul Sprokkreeff,
Managing Director, Web Profits

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