episode 43

Improving People’s Lives Through the Science of Healthy Skin

with Alan Openheim, CEO of Ego Pharmaceuticals

In Episode 43, I talk to Alan Oppenheim, CEO of Ego Pharmaceuticals, an Australian company that exists to improve people’s lives through the science of healthy skin and sells its products around the world including the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the UK.

Ego has won numerous awards for it performance in the export space and it is one of Australia’s great international success stories.



Join Alan and I as we talk about:

  • How Ego began on a kitchen table in Victoria, Australia 
  • Why Alan’s father, Gerald Oppenheim took the company global
  • What to look for when choosing a new market to enter
  • How to choose an international distributor for your product…

… and much more.

This is an episode with loads of value for anyone working with physical products, especially in the consumer space. Alan is generous with his insights and very easy to listen to. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation – it was a pleasure to record.


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