episode 08

Navigating Your Career

with Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach

Our second guest for this month is Jane Jackson – Career Management Coach, Professional Speaker, Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller, “Navigating Career Crossroads” and Host of Your Career Podcast.

Jane grew up in Hong Kong and has worked in Singapore, the US and UK before launching her career coaching business in Australia in 2001.

Tune in to my interview with Jane to find out:

• The origins of Jane’s entrepreneurial journey
• The life experiences and multiple career transitions that have shaped her knowledge and understanding of international business
• How her early fitness inspiration led her into a career in corporate training and career coaching
• How she leveraged her international contacts to start her own business
• Her outlook on technology and social media, and how it enabled her to scale her business and work globally with clients all over the world
• The importance of listening in understanding another culture and how it has strengthened Jane’s relationships with her clients
• The significance mentoring has in one’s learning and how you can avoid reinventing the wheel by having a mentor
• Jane’s experience in leading an international business as a woman and her advice to those who intend to expand their business internationally

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