episode  54

Opportunities for Aussie companies in India

with Ram Gorlamandala, Founder and CEO at Tat Capital

ram g

In this episode I catch up with Ram Gorlamandala, Founder and CEO at Tat Capital, which facilitates trade and investment between Australia, New Zealand and India through capital raising, M&A and international business development. 

Ram founded Tat Capital in 2013 with a vision to help companies in Australia and the Indian sub-continent to engage in cross-border trade and investment, and to power growth with purpose.

Join in to find out:

  • Current trends that are shaping Australia’s relationship with India
  • What’s going on in the political space at the moment
  • What the key opportunities are for Aussie companies wanting to go to the region
  • What Australian companies need to do (and avoid) to be successful in India

… and lots more!

Speaking to Ram was a real treat and I hope you get a buzz from this episode… remember to share it with a friend who needs inspiration this week!

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