episode 14

Sky is the Limit

with Rob Rawson, Founder & CEO of Time Doctor

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Rob Rawson, Founder and CEO of Time Doctor.

Rob Rawson is a former medical doctor turned entrepreneur. After starting several successful and failed businesses ventures, he became the founder and CEO of Time Doctor, which offers employee time tracking software for companies with global virtual teams.

Tune in to my interview with Rob to find out about:

• How he started his career as a medical doctor before transitioning to an entrepreneur, and the experiences that shaped his decision to switch
• How he manages an entirely remote team of more than 60 people in 28 countries, and balances that with a young family
• How Time Doctor allows companies to build global virtual teams and access the talent they need to grow their business
• How Time Doctor uses content marketing and customer referrals to grow its international user base
• How Time Doctor focuses on its customers’ core needs to compete in the highly competitive global software-as-a-service (SAAS) market
• Rob’s tips for effectively managing a global team and some of the mistakes he sees companies make in doing so
• Why Rob thinks entrepreneurs and business owners should aim big, to counter the self-limiting beliefs that we all place on ourselves throughout our lives and careers

Rob is someone who had the courage to leave a safe career path for what he was really passionate about – being an entrepreneur. His outlook on the world and his “sky’s the limit” approach were refreshing – check it out!

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