Recruitment and Building an International Team

Recruitment and Building an International Team

More and more businesses are actively doing more globally, and in many ways, the borders for international trade may look easier to overcome now because we are doing more business virtually.

However, when it comes to recruitment, and finding the right people – your ability and the speed at which you can hire could seriously impact the speed and consistency of your business growth in this new market – positively or negatively.

There’s so much credibility that can be gained from hiring a local expert in your industry – you can instantly plug into their network and align with their contacts. In many cases – your new hire will be your pioneer, and they will help “attract” the right type of clients, and help you get those valuable case studies in the bag to help you establish your brand.

Some things travel well, but culture isn’t always one of them – so your first hire should be someone who has the same values and beliefs as you and believes in your business and your brand. So much so that they are prepared to build a team around them and be part of the future of your business.

In a world where we are six steps away from everyone – it might just take a little time to find the absolute right person, and that person can be the one that helps you earlier in your process to build your business and build your brand in their part of the world. You can onboard them and integrate them virtually into your existing team – get them doing business the way you have been successful, all the time knowing that they will soon be spearheading your expansion. This way you can be sure you have the absolute best person driving your business forward into your new market.

Using a specialist recruiter and working closely with them will increase the likelihood of a successful hire – and by successful, I mean Awesome! Why settle for good when you can have great… Specialist recruiters who work with you on a retained basis will also help you to introduce your brand to the market as part of their service – and you never know, you could already have raving fans where you are looking to expand… This could be someone who has been a competitor, or someone who has relocated to a different part of the world – who has experience in the differences between culture, and now understands the laws of the land, and some of the pitfalls you might come up against.

Recruitment is Marketing – it’s about getting your brand out there. Offering opportunities is share-worthy, and you will attract a wide range of people into your recruitment process. You can run group information sessions remotely to help you understand more about your market, and your competitors… You can ask applicants to provide a business plan, and or a strategy map for how they feel you should begin in your new market as part of your fact find – the possibilities are endless. 

In a previous survey conducted by LinkedIn – only 25% of candidates at any one time are active in the market, so we need to introduce your business and your brand to them as early as possible. Of the other 75% – 15% were reaching out their personal network, 45% were open to talking with a recruiter, and only 15% were completely satisfied and did not want to move – So it really will pay to gain access and become visible to the whole of the market – not just those actively seeking employment at the specific time you are ready to launch. 

There are also lots of ways in which you can engage people’s services in the early stages – from consultancy and part-time positions to some fixed term work – you could also take advantage of really experienced people who may be slowing down after a successful career, but they will engage with you and be your sounding board, Even helping you win business and set up partnership and networking opportunities in the early days. There will be lots of research to be done on the background and skills you may need, and some understanding of where these people may have worked previously will only help and support you as you develop your plans.

We don’t know what we don’t know, so the sooner you get in touch with someone who has boots on the ground – the better. If in doubt – you can reach out for a free introduction session with us, and we can help you to plan how your recruitment can be part of your marketing strategy, and help you gain the all-important traction that you are looking for..

It’s well documented that people are often one of our greatest assets.

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