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What People Say

Gordon Irons, Enretech

Cleantech company, Enretech simplified their international strategy and identified a key target market to focus their efforts on.

Anthony Harris, Forcite

Smart helmet manufacturer, Forcite identified the best path for their international market entry strategy, based on data and a detailed understanding of market demographics.

Clive and Kaaren White, Ensitech

Clive and Kaaren boosted their company’s bottom line by $1 million and made the company debt-free within 12 months. Despite COVID and astronomical freight rates, they sold more in the US in 2021 than ever before.


There's never been a better time to 'go global'

We enable our clients to rapidly increase their international momentum and revenue, and amplify their impact in the international space.

We leave our clients inspired, empowered and equipped to succeed in their target market.

International Market Entry Strategy

We help companies design and implement an international market entry strategy, so that they can scale internationally and amplify their impact in the world.

International market Research & MOdelling

We help companies gain deep insights into their target markets, through qualitative and quantitative international market research and modelling.

Cross-Cultural Training & Consulting

We help companies build productive, profitable relationships with clients, colleagues and partners in global markets.

Strategic Business Connections

We help companies build global partnerships for growth, by connecting them with trusted clients, suppliers and colleagues in international markets.


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