International Marketing: How to make your message stick in overseas markets


Companies encounter a bunch of challenges when it comes to marketing in other countries. Marketing departments often don’t know much about the business and cultural context of the international audiences they are trying to reach. Sometimes they are also unsure about what kind of marketing they should be doing, so they either “copy + paste” […]

Why goal-setting doesn’t work!

It’s January, the month where people get momentarily excited about the year ahead. With the promise of a fresh start, most of us make new year’s resolutions: “I’m going to lose weight, exercise more, drink less, quit Facebook, go to bed on time” … you fill in the blanks! Many of us set goals for […]

Can little Aussie food companies really take the world by storm?

There has been a lot of talk about Australia becoming the “food bowl” of Asia over the last few years and the trade statistics indicate that Australia’s trade with the rest of the world in food products continues to increase. Take for example, wine sales, which increased in value by 11% in 2016, reflecting increasing […]

Overwhelmed by Your International Expansion?

As I work with business owners and executives who are expanding their companies internationally, I’ve found that most of them deal with similar challenges as the project ramps up: Competing priorities – with an international business starting to grow alongside the domestic one, there are suddenly lots more things to do and priorities start to […]