25 Things to Do During a Global Pandemic

It’s here. The global pandemic has arrived and my inbox is filled with updates about new health measures, cancelled events, and people working from home. COVID-19 has us panicked. Many people are frightened of catching the virus or losing someone close to them as a result of it. Doctors are scared about seeing the health […]

Facing the global health crisis – which type of company are you?

I’ve spent a lot of time this week checking in on my clients and colleagues – hours spent in Zoom and on phone calls. Pretty much all anyone can talk about is COVID-19 and what it’s likely to mean for their company. Naturally, the news isn’t great, and whatever you think of the various measures […]

Discussion on Global Economic Outlook and Investment Evaluation

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook was published in October 2019 and, as usual, provides a valuable back drop to international business investment decisions. One of the key observations discussed in that report is not that the emerging markets are making the most significant contribution to global growth with 4.6% expected in 2020 […]

Why Go Global

The host Cynthia Dearin talks about why going global is now a viable option for many small to mid-sized businesses. Cynthia shines a light on Dearin & Associates signature program, The International Business Accelerator and how it helps serious business owners and entrepreneurs develop a customized strategy, build confidence and create momentum when taking their business international.

Introduction to the Business Beyond Borders Podcast

episode 01 Introduction to the Business Beyond Borders Podcast with Cynthia Dearin We’re pleased to launch the first episode of our bimonthly podcast, Business Beyond Borders with Cynthia Dearin. In this introductory episode, we introduce our podcast host – Cynthia Dearin. Cynthia is the Managing Director of Dearin & Associates, Founder of the International Business […]

The Vinomofo Journey with Justin Dry, Founder of Vinomofo

episode 22 The Vinomofo Journey with Justin Dry, Founder of Vinomofo In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Justin Dry, Founder of Vinomofo. Justin is an entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, public speaker, and co-founder and joint CEO of Vinomofo, one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies. Launched in April 2011 from a garage […]

Thoughts On How China Works and Where Business Should Focus

I’m forming a view that there are three general strategy ‘domains’ that need to be thought about when dealing with China. These are interconnected and not unique to China but they demonstrate different facets to foreign interaction with the country. I call these the Economic Domain, the Nationalist Domain and Political Domain. They combine and […]

Investing in Companies that Scale Internationally with Les Szekely – Angel Investor

episode 42 Investing in Companies that Scale Internationally with Les Szekely – Angel Investor For many companies looking to scale internationally, funding the expansion is one of the biggest challenges they face. Without a strong track record, it can be hard to convince banks and financial institutions to back an international venture and in lots […]

A Visit to the World Internet Conference

I’ve been in China to visit the 6th World Internet Conference and Exhibition (WIC) that was held at the purpose build exhibition centre in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. The focus this year is on AI, Internet of Things, and Cyber security. This latter topic is a hot one in the West and, for some, maybe a […]