Are Rockstars Risk-Takers?

Have you ever looked at another business that does the same thing as yours but has clients all around the world and felt just a tiny bit jealous? Why are some companies international rockstars while others are plodding along, just getting by with clients in one city or one state? Do the rockstars have more […]

Tunisia: Going from strength to strength

If the African north coast is an arch, then Tunisia could be its key stone. This country of 11 million people sits almost in the centre of the arch and is almost the right shape for a key stone. The country uses its geographic position to offer itself as a gateway to the rest of […]

Doing Business in South-East Asia: Interview with Michael Lee (full transcript)

With a population of 625 million people, South-East Asia offers some enormous export markets for your company’s goods or services. But why is South-East Asia really so important? Which countries should you consider and how do you get started? I recently sat down with Dearin & Associate’s Michael Lee to discuss the ins and outs […]