International IP Protection: 5 Steps to Creating an IP strategy

You have thought about what IP you have in your business, the different types of IP rights and about how you can use them to protect your assets as you expand your business overseas. Now, it’s time to get strategic and selective about what IP you are going to protect. IP protection is often about […]

International IP Protection: What type of intellectual property should you protect?

Whether you are setting-up shop in a new country, or just selling your stuff there, you will need a strategy for managing your intellectual property (IP) as you expand internationally. It can be a totally new concept or invention, an innovative design, a distinctive brand, or a combination of all three. Whatever form your IP […]

International Expansion: Building a Global Team

Who is in your international team is just as important as choosing the right market or the right distributor. The team is the vehicle that will deliver your global vision for you – these are the folks who are going to get stuff done. Pre-COVID19, there was a lot of scepticism about whether virtual teams […]