AI Adoption Advisory

Transform your business with artificial intelligence

We help companies uncover opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence throughout their business.

Get ahead of the artificial intelligence curve

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at warp speed, transforming industries and forcing corporate leaders to rethink their businesses.

For many companies, AI presents opportunities to leverage data into customer value, achieve operational efficiencies and gain access to insights that were previously beyond reach.

Getting ahead of the AI curve is becoming crucial to achieving and maintaining competitive advantage – and poses risks for those who choose not to play.



Why embrace artificial intelligence?


Create customer value

Utilize artificial intelligence to identify valuable data within your organization and leverage it into value for your customers.


Gain better insights

Take advantage of the higher-quality insights that artificial intelligence is able to glean from big data sets, quickly.


Drive operational efficiency

Embrace the operational efficiencies that artificial intelligence brings - from reducing human error, to analyzing data and automating repetitive tasks.


Respond to investor expectations

Investors are increasingly putting pressure on companies to adopt artificial intelligence. Respond to their expectations with confidence and an actionable plan.


AI Systems Audit

Uncover opportunities to transform your business with AI

Many technology leaders know the risks and opportunities that AI offers, but can’t keep up with the constantly changing landscape as it relates to their business.

They may be struggling to understand how to apply AI to their business – transforming their entire technology platform seems risky and expensive, and their existing systems may preclude deploying AI in a meaningful way.


Dearin & Associates’ AI Systems Audit helps you to uncover the opportunities to transform your customer journey with AI. Our service:

  • Audits your customer journey and systems architecture.
  • Identifies opportunities to automate existing processes.
  • Recommends areas where AI can deliver significant value, insights and/or operational efficiencies.
  • Provides options for the implementation of AI within your enterprise systems.
  • Equips your entire team with contextual training, ensuring everyone understands the role of AI in your organization.

Our Team

Meet our AI Advisors


Andrew Sharpe

Senior Advisor - Technology & Information Security


Marcus Robb

Senior Advisor - Global Growth Marketing

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