International Market Selection: Four Mistakes to Avoid in 2024


Scaling your venture across multiple markets is still the most effective way of increasing its value… if you get it right. But if you’ve decided to “go global”, which markets should you sell to? Here’s four international market selection mistakes to avoid as you craft your international strategy.

How to Expand & Grow Your Business Globally with an EOR


With the globe more interconnected than ever before, businesses can say goodbye to geographical boundaries – and hello to international expansion! Businesses are now looking to expand more quickly and smoothly, and are able to grow on a much larger scale. But where do you begin? How do you even set foot in another market, […]

International IP Protection: 5 Steps to Creating an IP strategy

You have thought about what IP you have in your business, the different types of IP rights and about how you can use them to protect your assets as you expand your business overseas. Now, it’s time to get strategic and selective about what IP you are going to protect. IP protection is often about […]

International Expansion: Building a Global Team

Who is in your international team is just as important as choosing the right market or the right distributor. The team is the vehicle that will deliver your global vision for you – these are the folks who are going to get stuff done. Pre-COVID19, there was a lot of scepticism about whether virtual teams […]

Navigating Foreign Rules and Regulations

Interested in expanding your business internationally? Pick up a copy of my latest book, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global. Welcome to the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the regulatory challenges that come up in an international expansion. Specific regulations vary from country to country and from industry to industry so I will talk in […]

International Logistics: Getting your export documentation right

Getting your export documentation right

Interested in expanding your business internationally? Pick up a copy of my latest book, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global. When sending goods overseas, you will need to complete a suite of ‘export documentation’ which will enable your goods to traverse international barriers and arrive safely at their destination. To avoid delays in customs clearance […]

International Competitor Analysis: It’s a Red Ocean Out There…

red_ocean_out_there_sussing_out_the_competition-image Interested in expanding your business internationally and learning more about international competitor analysis? Pick up a copy of my latest book, Business Beyond Borders: Take Your Company Global. Because ‘going global’ is such an involved process, doing competitor analysis is often overlooked. Myths abound in this space. CEOs say things like “we’re just going […]

Your Ideal International Client: Market Segmentation


As your business expands overseas, you’ll want to build relationships with your ideal international clients. These are the prospects that are most in need of your services, who will get the most value from your offering. They are the most likely to buy from you, and most likely to generate maximum revenue for your company […]

Doing Business in Australia – The Search for Stability and Predictability


When it comes to investing in international business expansion these days there is often hesitation –  you tread lightly and scour Bloomberg Market Data Feed for any indication of positive trends. As you search for the right overseas market to scale up your business or put down roots for your new start-up, Australia should be […]