“It’s a Red Ocean Out There” … Sussing Out the Competition


International Competitor Analysis: It’s a Red Ocean Out There… Because ‘going global’ is such an involved process, doing competitor analysis is often overlooked. Myths abound in this space. CEOs say things like “we’re just going to focus on what we do and not get hung up on the competition” or “we’re just a small company, […]

Your Ideal International Client: Market Segmentation


As your business expands overseas, you’ll want to build relationships with your ideal international clients. These are the prospects that are most in need of your services, who will get the most value from your offering. They are the most likely to buy from you, and most likely to generate maximum revenue for your company […]

3 Things You Must Do to Scale Your Manufacturing Business Globally


As I wrote recently in Why Strategy is Key to Expanding Your Manufacturing Business Globally, there are plenty of opportunities for manufacturers to scale internationally in 2021, but it’s definitely not a risk-free exercise. There are some key things that you need to get right if you want your international venture to thrive. In this […]

Why Strategy is Key to Expanding Your Manufacturing Business Globally


Manufacturing in Australia is on the upswing. Despite the chaos that COVID19 created in 2020, the sector is bouncing back, thanks to a combination of pent-up demand, reshoring bringing some production back home and robotics driving reductions in production cost. Many manufacturing companies – including our clients – are also looking at expanding internationally, to […]

Doing Business in Australia – The Search for Stability and Predictability


When it comes to investing in international business expansion these days there is often hesitation –  you tread lightly and scour Bloomberg Market Data Feed for any indication of positive trends.  As you search for the right overseas market to scale up your business or put down roots for your new start-up, Australia should be […]

International Market Selection: Four Mistakes to Avoid in 2021


Scaling your venture across multiple markets is still the most effective way of increasing its value… if you get it right. But if you’ve decided to “go global”, which markets should you sell to? Here’s four international market selection mistakes to avoid as you craft your international strategy.

How to Expand & Grow Your Business Globally with an EOR

With the globe more interconnected than ever before, businesses can say goodbye to geographical boundaries – and hello to international expansion! Businesses are now looking to expand more quickly and smoothly, and are able to grow on a much larger scale. But where do you begin? How do you even set foot in another market, where you’re facing a completely different economic, social, cultural, and political context? And […]

How do I source and engage trusted international partners?

If you’re new to ‘going global’, working with a local partner can be a good way to get started. Teaming up with a business that already has feet on the ground can bring huge gains. Whereas your business probably has specialist expertise in a particular field or technology, your partner will have deep local knowledge […]

International Product-Market fit … how much due diligence should I do?

I’m thinking of selling my product overseas. What level of due diligence should I do to make sure the product is suitable for the local market? This is a question that came across my desk recently and it’s a great one, because there’s an almost endless amount of market research that you could do on […]