International pricing: 7 things you’re probably getting wrong


If you’re selling internationally you want to be making sales and making a profit, right? And while many businesses work hard to understand how to price correctly at home, most don’t put in the same amount of effort when it comes to international markets. That’s why an awful lot of exporters price too high and […]

Changes to China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How could this impact your business?


The 2023 Government Work Report, released earlier this month of March 2023, has proposed to further “improve the social credit system”, bridging gaps in its implementation, the scope of data collected, and adjusting penalties for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ credit ratings. This may come with a higher risk of consequences for non-compliant business-owners and stakeholders, with […]

Seven Mistakes Guaranteed to Wreck Your Perfect Pitch Deck

Raising money from investors for a startup (or a going concern) is always a challenge – even if you’re an experienced founder. Sourcing capital involves selling ideas, convincing would-be backers that you have the capacity to execute your ideas and knowing your numbers – in short it requires a great pitch. And if you have […]