From Local to Global: Why Market Knowledge Matters for International Distributors


Imagine having a distributor who knows the local market inside and out, ensuring your product not only fits but thrives. Having a distributor who understands your target market is crucial for successful international expansion. They can significantly lower the risk of your product being rejected overseas by tailoring it to meet local demands. In this […]

10 “Must Haves” When Selecting an International Distributor

Finding your international distributor is a little like getting married.  It’s all about envisioning the future, navigating through uncertainties, and nurturing a relationship that promises growth and success.  To put it simply, you have to think long-term.  Much like finding “the one”, selecting the right distributor requires careful consideration, compatibility, and a shared vision for […]

Sourcing trusted international distributors – tips for new players


If you’re new to ‘going global’, working with a local distributor can be a good way to enter an international market. Teaming up with a business that already has feet on the ground can bring huge gains. Whereas your business probably has specialist expertise in a particular field or technology, your partner will have deep […]