International Product-Market Fit: Making sure your product will sell… before you start selling


When it comes to selling internationally, big mistakes are often made around product-market fit. When companies are intimately acquainted with the desires and expectations of their domestic customers, they sometimes get complacent. When the time comes to expand to new markets overseas, companies think they can replicate what they’ve done at home overseas and get the same result. But this just isn’t the case, as a bunch of companies have learnt the hard way.

International Product-Market fit … how much due diligence should I do?

I’m thinking of selling my product overseas. What level of due diligence should I do to make sure the product is suitable for the local market? This is a question that came across my desk recently and it’s a great one, because there’s an almost endless amount of market research that you could do on […]

International Pricing: How Much Should You Charge?


One of the challenges that I see companies face frequently as they start selling overseas is international pricing. As you begin pitching your product overseas, lots of people will want to know your price, so it’s important to have your pricing worked out before you approach international prospects. While many businesses put a lot of […]