Four Aussie manufacturing businesses that are killing it on the global stage


Manufacturing in Australia has had a long and proud history, but over the last 30 years the industry has stagnated. Aussie companies have been unable to compete with our neighbours on cost due to distance, higher wages and the price of energy. Governments and large corporate companies offshored manufacturing projects, rather than support local business […]

3 Things You Must Do to Scale Your Manufacturing Business Globally


As I wrote recently in Why Strategy is Key to Expanding Your Manufacturing Business Globally, there are plenty of opportunities for manufacturers to scale internationally in 2021, but it’s definitely not a risk-free exercise. There are some key things that you need to get right if you want your international venture to thrive. In this […]

Why Strategy is Key to Expanding Your Manufacturing Business Globally


Manufacturing in Australia is on the upswing. Despite the chaos that COVID19 created in 2020, the sector is bouncing back, thanks to a combination of pent-up demand, reshoring bringing some production back home and robotics driving reductions in production cost. Many manufacturing companies – including our clients – are also looking at expanding internationally, to […]