episode  59

Breaking International Barriers

with Kathryn Read, International Sales and Marketing Consultant

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In this episode of Business Beyond Borders, my guest is Kathryn Read, an international sales and marketing consultant with more than 20 years’ experience developing niche products in emerging markets.

Kathryn helps small and medium companies to break through international barriers and she joins me today from Austria.

Join in to find out:

  • How Austria handled the pandemic
  • The current relationship between Europe and the UK post Brexit
  • The importance of research when working internationally
  • How not to choose an international market
  • How to build an international network when you can’t travel

… and lots more!

The importance of research is highlighted here, and Kathryn explains what can go wrong when you make snap judgements when it comes to choosing a new international market.

When you make ad-hoc decisions in the world of international business it becomes very easy to lose focus which then leads to frustration, wasted resources and disappointment. All this can be avoided by doing the research and building a network of people that align with your vision.

I had a great time recording this, and if you are interested in taking your company global, I have no doubt that you will get a huge amount of value from tuning in.

Please enjoy!

You can connect with Kathyrn on LinkedIn or find out more at kathrynread.com.

You can also download a copy of How to Decide Which International Market to Enter HERE!

Have you ever dreamed of taking your business global?


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