episode 32

From athlete to entrepreneur

with Lee Hacket, CEO of BlueprintX

Lee Hackett is CEO of BluprintX, a company which helps CMOs, CROs and CEOs of mid-to-large-sized businesses to grow revenue by using data and technology. Lee Hackett set up the firm in the UK 2013 and has expanded its footprint to four countries.

Before Bluprint X, Lee Hackett played a leading role in creating and scaling seven startups in four continents over the last decade. Several of these startups became market leaders within 1-3 years, and were sold to FTSE 200 organisations and global companies.

But Lee Hackett hasn’t always been an entrepreneur and before he got into business, he was a professional footballer with Wigan Athletic FC, in the UK.

In this episode, Lee and I are chat about Brexit, his transition from football to business, the creation of BluprintX and how Lee took it global.

Tune in to find out:

  • Why every company needs to think about ‘going global’.
  • How Lee made the transition from athlete to entrepreneur 
  • What football taught Lee about leading a company.
  • Top tips on dealing with the distraction created by global growth.
  • How to build a culture that enables a company to be globally sustainable.

Lee’s favourite books include, Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio.You can find it at https://www.principles.com/

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