episode  52

How “Look After Yourself” became an international brand
with Tom Griffith, Co-founder of Emma and Tom


I hope you’re surviving the madness, wherever you are in the world today. 

This week, to keep you powering through lockdown, I wanted to bring you something a little lighter and more inspirational than what you’ll get on mainstream channels

In this episode, I’m talking to Tom Griffith, Co-founder of Emma and Tom, which makes all-natural juices and other healthy drinks. 

After a high-flying career as a CFO in London and Melbourne, Tom turned his back on the corporate world and started a juice company with his childhood friend, Emma Welsh. 16 years later, Emma and Tom is an international brand, sold in Jordan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Join in to find out:

  • How the company started on the ski slopes of Aspen 
  • What to do when you have 8,000 bottles of juice and no customers
  • The strategies that Tom and Emma use to launch into new international markets
  • Tom’s tips for building great partnerships

… and lots more!

Speaking to Tom was a real treat and I hope you get a buzz from this episode… remember to share it with a friend who needs inspiration this week!

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