Cultural Differences in Going Global

with Chris Jankulovski, Founder of Remote Staff


In this episode of Business Beyond Borders, Cynthia interviews Chris Jankulovski, Founder of Remote Staff™.

Established in 2007 after a visit to the Philippines, Remote Staff™ provides offshore recruiting solutions to a variety of SME’s and has expanded to a team of 70 in-house staff. The company has placed 8000+ professionals and helped support the growth of more than 2000 businesses all over the world.

hris’ story is truly inspiring. He struggled with dyslexia throughout his childhood and didn’t learn to read until he was 24. He has survived cancer and multiple major surgeries, and deals with a hereditary condition which makes him prone to recurring tumours. None of this has stopped him.

Realising how short life is, Chris saw no other option but to make every second count and relentlessly chases his dreams, showing no signs of slowing down.

Tune in to this interview to find out:

  • •How Chris overcame extreme adversity to become a highly successful entrepreneur
  • The story and journey behind Remote Staff™
  • How to overcome challenges of taking a company global
  • The importance of recognising cultural differences
  • Why you need to develop and nurture relationships
  • How to approach international expansion

Entrepreneurship and international business is not for everyone, but if you are looking to be inspired to pursue your dreams, considering international expansion or want an insight into what it takes to make an international business successful, this episode is for you.

If you are looking for cost effective staffing solutions for your business or just want to find out more about Remote Staff™, click here

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