episode 40

Making the world safe

with Sylvain Mansotte, CEO & Co-Founder at Whispli

What do you do when you uncover fraud at your workplace? Do you speak up, or brush it under the carpet and hope it will go away?

That was the question that faced Sylvain Mansotte, the day he uncovered one of Australia’s largest-ever corporate frauds.

Sylvain didn’t hide what he knew and went on to found Whispli, a platform that enables anonymous trusted conversations. 

A few years on and Whispli is in markets around the world, especially in places where there is whistleblowing legislation.


Join me to find out:

  • The catalyst behind Sylvain’s decision to set up Whispli
  • How Whispli won international clients within six months of opening
  • Sylvain’s thoughts on the best time to take a company global
  • The challenges Whsipli faced as it went to new countries
  • How being a ‘Fraussie’ has influenced Sylvain’s approach to international business.

I really enjoyed recording this episode with Sylvan and I hope you enjoy it too!

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